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At Cold Metal Spray

Cold Metal spray is a unique process that revolutionises the repair and build-up of metal. Our process uses innovative gas dynamic technology to repair worn, cracked, corroded and damaged components. It is also used to apply metal coatings. There is no melting of materials with virtually no heat input so distortion and cracking does not occur. This process is cost effective and is proven to save valuable components from being scrapped.

Cold spray was discovered & developed by Russian scientists in the mid-1980s, realising minute metallic particles bond with a substrate and themselves when they impact its surface at supersonic speeds. The discovery that metallic particles could bond based solely on their kinetic energy was investigated further in later years and ultimately, the technology was developed under the name Cold Spray.

Because the adhesion of the metals is not based on a melting process, this technology eliminates all the detrimental heat-related effects, e.g. stresses and strains, associated with other thermal processes. Cold Spray technology is viewed as being the newest member of the thermal spray family, yet can be regarded as being in a class of its own thanks to its unique characteristics.

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