Casting Repairs

Cold Metal spray comes into its own for the repair of castings. This is because of the low application temperature and solid phase spraying process not being affected by the impurities in the castings; therefore we can easily repair heavily corroded, damaged or worn components. There is no distortion effect even on the most intricate, highly stressed castings.

Anti-corrosion Coatings

Corrosion protection coatings are cold sprayed, such as Aluminium, Zinc or Nickel. The excellent corrosion-resistant properties of Cold Spray coatings at low and high temperatures are further enhanced by the option to create by-metallurgy dense coatings in varying thicknesses to suit the application.

Conductive Coatings

Applying highly conductive coatings such as Copper, Nickel or Silver, that bond excellently to metals, glass and ceramics, provides numerous applications in the field of electrical and electronic components. We can also apply an interface layer such as Copper to Aluminium e.g. to allow for a soldering connection. Conductive coatings can also be applied to glass, ceramics, even plastic and resins.

Protection Coatings

Coatings can be applied to mould faces, thread for salt water protection and many other components. The coatings can easily be reworked on a regular maintenance schedule.

Cylinder head Engine block Repairs

A very popular application of Cold spray, we have repaired many damaged and corroded Cylinder Heads. A massive cost advantage is the excellent post machining results we get after using cold spray. This is achieved first time every time as there are no heat sink areas (HAZ) or porosity.

Component Balancing (Adding Weight)

We can very easily add weight to components that need to be balanced, to achieve with ease accurate results.

Sealing/Gasket-face Repairs

Again a popular use as the repair has very low compressibility, due to the densification and peening process of the material we spray.

Erosion Repair

Deep erosion damage can be repaired as there is no limit to the depth of material that can be built up using our cold spray process.

Porosity Repair

Porosity often occurs within castings new or used and CMS is a very effective repair method. One huge advantage is being able to carry out the repair whilst still in service and even when still containing fluid.

Cavitation Damage Repair

Pumps, faces, shafts, in fact any surface which requires building up due to cavitation erosion.

Decorative and custom Aesthetic Finishes

We can create custom finishes and decorative finishes depending on what you require. We will work with you to see if we can achieve what you desire, so please contact us if you require custom work or a decorative finish. Aesthetic coatings can also be applied to glass, ceramics, even plastic and resins.

Hermetic sealing of radiators and air conditioning units + pipes

Using Cold Spray we can create air tight seals on radiators, air conditioning unit’s pipes and other gas type units. This is due to the densification and peening process of the material we spray creating low coating porosity and gas permeability making it possible to use this technology to seal leaks (liquid and gaseous) as well as porous surfaces.

Mould Repair

Wear repairs or modification to injection, extrusion, blow and casting mould tooling.

White Metal coatings (Babbitt Metal)

Commercial and automotive white metal repair or replacement coatings

OTHER Applications

Repair of: housings, seats, bearing surfaces, journals and thrust faces etc.