Cold Metal Spraying

Using our Cold Spray equipment we can repair almost anything metal. Please see our applications page to find out more about what we can do.

Our site

We have a workshop fully dedicated to Cold Spray on our site. This means we can do every type of repair in our workshop.

What we require from you

We need the work piece you wanted spraying to be delivered to our workshop. Also we require a conversation or drawings to find out exactly what you need doing to the work piece.

Customers site

Our Cold spray systems are very portable and easy to transport. Because of this we can bring our machine to your place of work so we can spray the workpiece on site. This is suitable if the work piece is very, large, hard to move, transport, or would be very easily damaged if it was transported. Please contact us if you think this would be suitable process.


At our workshops we have a wide range of machines to rework components after they have been sprayed. It may be necessary to do this on components to take back to required tolerances or have a required surface finish. e.g. if we sprayed the face of a cylinder head to fix corrosion we would be able to re-face it afterwards to get the required finish.


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