Equipment sale

We offer equipment sales through are partner company Dycomet UK which is the UK distributor and developer of the Dycomet Cold Spray Systems. These are highly advanced low, medium and high pressure cold spray systems. If you are interested in buying equipment because you have a high demand or in-house requirements for which Cold Spray could be a solution for, please contact us and we will work with you to make sure are system is fully capable and optimised for efficient application.
If you purchase a system Dycomet UK will provide full training for you and your staff so they can use the machine safely and efficiently. At Dycomet UK they have over five years of experience working with Cold Spray including an open application laboratory so they will be able to optimise the process, teach the best techniques to allow cold spray to work effectively.
Dycomet UK also sell the powder required for the cold spray system. These come in different materials such as Copper, Nickel and Aluminium. You will need different powder materials depending on what kind of application you require. This is where Dycomet’s specialism within cold spray development is invaluable in the supporting process.
Dycomet will provide full technical support either is by phone, email or site visit. Dycomet also offer materials and equipment automation development. Cold spray application consultancy, project management, and material development are also available.

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