Machine hire

At Cold Metal Spray we Offer hire of the cold spray equipment. The machines we hire out are our Dycomet 423 systems. These are the most technologically advanced low pressure cold spray systems. We will provide training for operating and health & safety requirements so you can get the most out of the system while it is on hire.

Why would you hire a system?

There are certain circumstances that you may wish to hire a system such as if to get on your site requires a security clearance or health and safety standards which cannot be obtained easily. It may be easier for you to hire a System rather than us doing the work for you. Also it could be that you have a one off job that will take a few weeks to complete and require multiple site visits

Hire rates

1 > week


Hire a Dycomet System

1 > month


Hire a Dycomet System

Training and site visits not included.

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